Xbox Live Deal Of The Week and This Weeks New Xbox Live Arcade titles

Xbox 360

There are 3 new Xbox Live Arcade games coming out this week along with the Deal Of The Week.  Lets start with the deal of the week.  It’s none other than the Alien Kick ASS and Chew Bubble Gum (but he’s always outta gum) Duke Nukem3D available to download for only 400ms points until the 1st of March. 

Details below  :

Duke Nukem 3D

Xbox LIVE Gold members can download Duke Nukem 3D for the Deal of the Week price of 400 points until March 1st.

Add Duke Nukem 3D to your Xbox 360 download queue


NEW Games making their way to Xbox Live Arcade this week will be :

Fret Nice will be available this Wednesday for 1200 points.

Greed Corp (800 points) and

Lazy Raiders (800 points) will also be available on Wednesday.

Which ones are you going to pick up ?  Are you looking forward to any of these titles ?  Your thoughts, comments and suggestions please 🙂

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