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Our Freelance editor koga88 recently posted this on the Capsule Computers Forums.  I’d like to post it on the main page and get your ideas, thoughts & suggestions on it.  Koga88 has some good points which I would like you all to see.   Have a read and leave your suggestion, comments please.

So what does everyone think about this game room? Personally I really don’t like the fact that they are asking us to pay so much for such old games. I know there is the option to buy the game for 240 points for only the 360 or the PC, and then the option to buy it for both for 400 points. But then again you can also find nearly any of the old school games remade 100 times over with additional features or add ons. Or you can even find the actual games themselves. So there really isn’t a need to have them on the computer.

Plus unless they added achievements to the console games, there would be almost no reason to purchase them. Sure it might make it feel like Playstation’s Home, but having those arcade games in your game room only makes it a small feature. And as stated before, you can go onto your PC and find those games for free quite quickly, from flash games to any other means of playing em.

Then again, if they add in the game room feature to show off other actual games, like retail games that you have played in the past that would be cool. Such as an ability to take a screenshot of something in a game you were playing, and be able to post it in a picture frame in your game room. Something like that would at least make it interesting, and give you customization options.

Let us know what you think.  Leave a comment

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