Uncharted takes Game Of the year at the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards

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LAS VEGAS – February 18, 2010 – Escaping with10 outstanding awards, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Sony Computer Entertainment) ran over the competition at the 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards®. Hosted by stand-up comedian and video game enthusiast Jay Mohr at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, the evening brought together renowned leaders from the gaming industry to recognize their outstanding achievements and contributions to the space.

The 13th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards honored successful game designer and Activision co-founder, David Crane with the AIAS’ first Pioneer Award. Entertainment Software Association (ESA) founder, Douglas Lowenstein was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Gaming legend behind successful titles,

“The interactive world continues to grow and move forward every day. While we have seen tremendous advances in the community, I believe this is only the beginning,” said Joseph Olin, president, AIAS. “With the help of the tremendously talented men and women here tonight, we will continue to create games that inspire each other to continue pushing the envelope.”

These peer-based awards recognize the outstanding products, talented individuals and development teams that have contributed to the advancement of the multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment software industry. The winners in each category are as follows:

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, Mark Cerny, was inducted into the Hall of Fame, one of the organization’s highest honors.

Check out the rest of the winners here : AIAS 13th Annual Winners Release

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  1. it was kinda obvious… not many good games last year…

    i think

  2. Games always seem to get better, even when you think they are as good as can be!

  3. Glad PS3 is building some steam, hope they have an even better year in 2010.

  4. Looks like I need to get myself a PS3 soon!

  5. I’m glad to see both The Beatles: Rock Band and Brutal Legend get something. The Beatles was my favorite game from 2009 and Brutal Legend was definitely one of my Favs. It just seems that nobody cared about Brutal that much. I was in awe of the whole Heavy Metal theme and had a blast playing it.

  6. Uncharted 2 is really great, i agree with those awards.

  7. Getting a PS3 next weekend! Already have Uncharted. Definitely buying Uncharted 2!

  8. Beatles Rock Band rocks! I’ve heard good things about Street Fighter 4 and Arkham Asylum but haven’t tried them yet.

  9. Uncharted is a great game, except for the fact that I can’t get past the part with all of the guards. I definitely recommend getting this game!

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