Street Fighter II action Keychain controllers !! SUPER COOL !!


Special thank goes to  Duraroc for finding these amazing Street Fighter II action keychain controllers that play, make authentic sounds and even tell you if you’ve won or lost your battle !! LOL There are 3 different style keychains shown below. Now bear in mind ther’re in Japanese it’s not very hard to figure out whats going on.

First we have RYU, Blanka and Sagat

For example in Blanka’s special moves he can do the following :

Elecltric Sound, Rolling attack, Wild Fang (possible meaning Blanka’s bite attack)

Ken, E. Honda & Guile

Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Vega

These little things are super cool,  you can even play against a mate in V’s mode.  As shown in the YouTube video below.

The Street Fighter II keychain controllers are made by Bandai and are available over at :

I would recommend getting all of them !!

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