Red Dead Redemption vote for alternate costumes and WIN !!

Xbox 360


GameStop and RockStar have teamed up to give you a vote on one of three alternate costumes for Red Dead Redemption. Each one comes with it’s own set of abilities.

The outfits include:

· The Savvy Merchant – buy guns and ammunition from any gunsmith for half the cost.
· The Deadly Assassin – regenerate your “Dead Eye” targeting feature twice as fast.
· The Expert Hunter – receive double skins and hides when you kill an animal.

Check out the new outfits in the below video:

You are allowed to vote once a day, everyday. Make sure you vote as many times you want because each vote counts as an entry in a sweepstakes to win a trip to tour the old west on the historic Grand Canyon Railway or daily prizes of $100 GameStop gift cards.

For more information, to see the costumes, or to vote, visit the official site.

Let us know what you think the best costume is.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I knew about the pre-order bonus poll, but didn’t realize there was also a sweepstakes.

  2. Deadly Assassin looks like the best one unless the $ or skins are really hard to get…

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