Microsoft to host X10 Event tomorrow in San Francisco

Xbox 360

The last “X” event Microsoft hosted was back in 2006 “X06”  Now it’s BACK !!  Microsoft will be show casing all their major titles at X10 tomorrow : Feb 11th 2010 in San Francisco, CA.

Things to watch out for will be Project Natal which has been announced will be hitting our living rooms Christmas 2010.

Other major titles show cased will be :: “Alan Wake,” “Crackdown 2,” “Fable III,” “Halo: Reach,” “Splinter Cell Conviction,” “Final Fantasy XIII,” “Toy Soldiers,” “Game Room on Xbox LIVE”, “Left 4 Dead 2 Game Add-ons”

It should be a spectacular event.  Pity we can’t make our way over as we’re all the down here in Sydney Australia.  Maybe one day we might get some loving and have our own special event that entire world comes to see.   We could call it the “Skippy Game Show”  Along with games we can have wild Kangaroo’s, Emu’s, Tasmanian Devil’s Koala Bears and Dingo’s running around mauling everyone whilst their playing and trying out the latest games.  Someone will surely come up with the catch phrase … A DINGO STOLE MY CONTROLLER !!

Comments please.. don’t be shy 😉

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  1. “Fable III,” “Halo: Reach,” — yeah… all that I care about up there…

  2. Halo: Reach <-- I can't wait to hear more about it, so exciting! 😀

  3. We’ll do our best to keep you informed as to what, where, who and when Halo Reach comes out and everything else 😉

  4. I still hope for Alan Wake on PC. 🙁

  5. ^_^ Oh it’s today! & look many of my fav games or ones that I have been dying for r on this list! Fate, I think so!

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