Microsoft reponds to the cheaters on MW2!!

Xbox 360

Finally, MS has responded to the cheaters in MW2.  The Prestige boosters out there, watch out, you will get caught and you will be banned, then you can go cry to mummy.

Check out this article on the official Xbox forums – which has a link to the following:-

“People who have obtained prestige illegitimately, will be given suspensions.  People soliciting other people to gain prestige (whether for free, or for points) will be permanently suspended.”

To all those users who are attempting to play MW2 without cheating, please have faith.  Hang in there, because the cheaters are being caught and the game will be patched.

p.s., it doesn’t matter if you gained 10th prestige, 2nd, or 1st: illegitimate game play = suspension”

Now I hope they extend this to the Care Package cheaters, as Prestige rank does not affect gameplay.  I seriously don’t know why anyone would want to pay to get to 10th Prestige.  It’s only a title, and I actually think the symbol for 10th Prestige is a little dull.

Looking further on in the article “The Pro” actually bans someone who stupidly posted on the forums – – I laughed for a very long time over this one.

That’s it from me now, glad MS are actually doing something about it.. but.. IW/MS please patch this stuff as soon as you can.



  1. Finally, someone did something =) haha

  2. I’m definitely more worried about the care package glitches.
    It’s nearly impossible to get your own killstreaks when you have people cheating their way throughout the whole game, not to mention it’s extremely annoying when you have aircrafts constantly hovering over you and killing you.

  3. I just want to join ONE game near the end in a spectator mode, flying high above the map where people are somewhat grouped together.

    Just to watch the rain of random knives fly through the air from someone hoping to get lucky.

  4. yeah its about time they finally did. Maybe it was @duraroc with all these fanatastic articles on mw2 and its marvelous glitches hehe … looks like someone listened 😉 !!

  5. Good news! I stoped playing the multiplayer because of those who don’t play by the rules because they don’t have the skill necessary, because they want to prestige asap.. it’s the kind of player i had in my friend list who send message to join the game for boosting this and that, to know if i know how to do the 10th of prestige glitch… WTF!

    and those bff fu(«3r5 who camp in the game with tactical insertion killing each other to gain killstreaks what about them? Ruining their plan is my speciality and they usually leave the game but IW shoul do something about that…

  6. Hmmmm… I don’t really know how I feel about this. Personally, I think prestiging all the way is stupid, but I have friends who have either boosted their way up or gotten it through hacked lobbies. I dont really mind that the 10th prestige aspect, people should be able to play how they want to as long as it doesnt impede on other players (like the care-package glitch, ugh!) But I can’t really complain, since only temporary suspensions are being handed out for people who have gotten 10th prestige. The only question I have is right here: “illegitimate game play = suspension”. Now I havent ever hacked lobbies or anything to get this to happen, but I have been in games my friends hacked to have things like the unlimited ammo glitch, speed skating glitch, and the chopper gunner bullet glitch. Obviously those arent the most legitimate game play ever… but they werent my fault or doing. So I hope it doesn’t extend that far :/

  7. I doubt Microsoft can catch all of the cheaters, but at least they’re putting in the initiative.

  8. I played with a cheater last night – doing the care package running like superman glitch. He response, it isn’t a cheat, it’s a glitch. Then I tried to explain to him that if he uses a known glitch in a game to get an unfair advantage over the other team, it is cheating. He then started to call me names and stuff like that.
    He said he was bored with the game and just wanted to have fun – I said, well have your fun elsewhere and stop ruining our fun.
    The next game he only used his gun and he went off in the lobby saying that he beat us all. Granted his K/D was better than mine – but we won in Domination 200-102.. umm nuff said I think.
    Maybe we should start a name and shame post.

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