Mario is BACK in Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Mario returns on the Wii with more planet-hopping, crazy power-ups, and 360-degree platforming with Yoshi in tow.

Gametrailers have released an AMAZING trailer for Super Mario Galaxy2.  Click on the play, sit back and enjoy the action, the music the game-play … oh I can go one and on.  Mario Galaxy looks stunning.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is scheduled for Release in May 23.  If you’re a Mario fan or new to this this style of platform gaming, this is a must have, trust me your Nintendo Wii will love you with all its microchips if you brought this home on the 23rd of May 😉

Enjoy the trailer courtesy of Gametrailers.

Let us know what you thought of the trailer !!  I LOVE THE MUSIC !!

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  1. Wow! Another Mario game. These plumbers sure can stand the test of time. I will probably grab this in May and pass it off as a bday gift for my daughter. LOL. This is a game the whole family can love.

  2. It’s really an amazing trailer, just perfect. Super Mario Galaxy is like those games who justify a console just for himself.

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