Halo: Reach Beta Starts May 3 2010

Xbox 360

Microsoft have announced that the Halo Reach multi-player beta will start on May 3 2010.  This is fantastic news.

Now listen very carefully, the way its going to happe is you will need to have your HALO 3 : ODST disk to gain access to download the beta,  this works pretty much the same way as the HALO 3 multi-player beta worked with the Crackdown disk a while back.

More information will be provided soon.  For now go out and grab yourself Halo 3 : ODST if you haven’t already got it, mark May 3rd in your Calandar and then simply wait patiently for that day to come 😉

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  1. Never liked Halo, but have fun Halo fans!

  2. i love halo!


  3. ya more of PC gamer myself, but I’m always curious to see what the Halo franchise comes out with…some trends seem to become norm for some FPS gameplay, (ie regen health) so its always good to see whats available, May 3rd is a tad bit off tho so it’ll be MW2 & BF BC2 till then

  4. I really dont like holo but thishalo looks even better so may get it when it comes out.

  5. so gonna abuse this when its live !!

  6. This game may make a Halo fan out of me yet.

  7. I’ve never been big on the Halo multiplayer, but with MW2 being so darn broken, May can’t come soon enough.

  8. Never been a Halo fan, but this does look nice. Have heard many things from other people about Halo… but just never got into it myself.

  9. this seems fun, can’t wait for may 5 🙂

  10. Wish they would make a Halo game like Star Wars Republic Commando…Loved the first Halo, but they have been progressively worse since.

  11. Can’t believe I’m this excited about a beta.

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