God Of War III Vengeance Trailer

Playstation 3

SCEA Santa Monica Studio have release this new trailer for God of War III.  By the looks of it I believe it’s been well worth the 1 year wait.  The Vengeance trailer showcases GOD OF WAR III in all its glory with all the action being pulled straight from the game.  What you see is real actual gameplay no fake movie sequences. 

The trailer has Kratos fighting the “Leviathan”  some sort of water monster, and the size of it is CRAZY !!  Ok .. no more talking.  Click on the play button and enjoy the trailer.

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God of War III [PS3]

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  1. GOD Of WAR= Fun! Trailer looks like tons of fun, fan of the other GOW so this will be a wonderful new addition to play!

    + Right now capsulecomputers.com has a great price! What more could you ask for??

  2. WOW!

    I haven’t played any of the GoW games yet, but planned on playing the 1 & 2 collection soon. I dunno if I will even want to play those once this is released. That looks beyond gorgeous.

  3. I’m still impressed with the end of that trailer! Amazing boss scene!

  4. What a Great Deal, anyone want to sponsor me to become an Australian Resident 😉

  5. Wow, that was a pretty impressive trailer. I…no, I don’t have anything to say right now, I need to watch that again!

  6. Looks pretty decent. Although, it’s just a trailer, and we can all name games that suck, even though they have a decent trailer.

  7. This is why I am finally buying a PS3! I can’t wait to jump into this game.

  8. cool trailer dont know how I feel about the video or whatever on the swords (: looks A little odd…

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