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Dawinia+ Review Xbox Live Arcade

The Capsule Computers community is growing each and everyday.  More and more members are starting to become more active and contributing to the site in many ways.  To show our appreciation Capsule Computers will start posting reviews that are written by our members in our Forum here on the main page for everyone to see & read.

To our next Community review is from Radical Dylan who has reviewed Introversion’s newest Xbox Live Arcade title : Darwinia+.  Check it out and leave a comment below.  Big thanks once again to the Radical one his efforts have been rewarded 😉

Details :

Game Name: Darwinia+
Platforms: Xbox 360
Publisher(s): Introversion Software
Developer(s): Introversion Software
Genre(s): Strategy and Sims
Release Date: 2/10/2010
ESRB Rating: E – Everyone
Price: 1200 MSP
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You can see more of Introversion Software’s games at http://www.introversion.co.uk/index.html. You can also follow them on twitter at @IVSoftware.

You are a player in the virtual world of Darwinia, a beautiful environment that has been evolving over thousands of generations. A virus has entered the program; however, and it is up to you to destroy the virus and save Darwinia from utter destruction.

Dr. Supluveda created the program that has given each Darwinian a unique soul, the virus has devoured Darwinia and has fed off of the souls of the Darwinians. It is your mission to destroy the virus and bring the Darwinians back to Darwinia.

Darwinia+ is part real time strategy and part dual stick shooter. You are able to play a majority of the the game using real time strategy tactics, but are able to control the squads like a dual stick shooter. The combination of strategy with dual stick shooter controls creates a unique experience that gives it just enough of a unique spark to make it feel less of a real time strategy game and more of a shooter.

Darwinians are weak and defenseless and in order to save them you must employ the help of squads and engineers. Squads are your main line of defense and a majority of the game will be placed into controlling these guys. They are controlled using the joysticks to move and shoot, but with a press of a button you are able to tell them where to go so that you can manage something else anywhere else on map. Engineers collect souls (Programming DNA) to create more Darwinians in incubators. Engineers are also used to reprogram all stations in the game so that you are able to use the stations for your own purposes.

The objective of a majority of the game is to collect souls so that you can create new Darwinians and then bring them to safety. There are other objectives scattered throughout the game but a huge focus is placed on creating and rescuing Darwinians on each level; after all, the story of the game is based on you helping Dr. Supluveda purge his computer program of viruses and revitalize the Darwinians.

The game throws you right into gameplay without much instruction, but the developers have been nice enough to include an introduction which acts like a tutorial. You are able to skip the introduction if you want, but I would highly suggest playing it, it only takes about 5-15 minutes (based on experience) and you will even get an achievement for saving 30 or more Darwinians during the introduction.

The graphics of the game are designed to look like basic wireframe. This is clearly done on purpose but seems to be one of the negatives that people don’t like about it. Personally this additional touch made me feel as if I was actually in a program. If the game was designed more realistically it may delude the experience of being in a computer program. Darwinia+ focuses more heavily on gameplay then graphics but the lack of intense graphics doesn’t hurt the overall experience at all.

There is a music track that at moments helps with the mood of the game, but a majority of the time the music is hidden behind sound effects and other noises that occur throughout the game. It doesn’t ruin the experience of the game; it just would’ve been nice if the music were to get more dramatic as the mood of the game shifted.

Once you feel like you have grasped the game, bring your battle prowess online and challenge people over Xbox live to a game of domination as you try to prove that your army is stronger than theirs.

It will take a few games to fully grasp what you are doing, but once you figure it out Multiwinia becomes really fun. Depending on the game type your objective will be different, but the overall goal is the same. Create an army, and outdo your opponent.

When you start off a game you will have multiwinians which you can control and attack the enemy teams with. By pressing X on a multiwinian you will be able to promote that one to an officer; by pressing Y by the officer you will be able to create a strong formation of multiwinians.

With 5 game modes, and 49 unique maps Multiwinia leads to hours of fun with friends, but has a tendency to lagg when a lot of action occurs.

The achievements in Darwinia+ are scattered over the Darwinia campaign, and the Multiwinia online game. The Darwinia campaign achievements are pretty straight forward and will be achieved from simply playing the game.

On the other hand, the Multiwinia achievements are where the achievement hunters out there will spend a majority of their time. With 5 different game types, and 49 unique maps these achievements will take you a while, and with the last achievement being “Kill 65,536 Enemy Multiwinians”, oh yes, there will be blood…
But the good news is you are most likely able to get these achievements while playing against computers. The only one you will need Xbox live players for is for “Online Commander – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox live.”

As well as achievements, there are also 2 avatar awards available for meeting certain criteria.

Red Darwinian T-Shirt – Win a game of MultiWinia

Squadie T-Shirt – Complete the Launchpad Level

The Achievement List is:
• Prodigy – Rescued 30 Darwinians in the Darwinia Tutorial.
• Fastidious – You’ve helped stop the virus by clearing a map of monsters.
• Turning the Tide – Activate the construction yard, begin manufacturing armour and obliterate the ant infestation.
• Savior – Complete the Single Player Campaign.
• Clear Vision – Upgrade any research program all the way to level 4.
• The Bridge – Complete the epilogue and help the Darwinians launch their first rocket.
• Warzone Victor – Win 5 games in any Multiwinia game mode.
• Master of Multiwinia – win a game in every Multiwinia game mode.
• Warzone Explorer – Play a game on every Multiwinia map.
• Online Commander – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox live.
• Share the Love – Invite 5 other players to games of Multiwinia.
• Stick Man Slaughter – Kill 65,536 Enemy Multiwinians.

Darwinia+ is a unique experience that will bring hours of gaming to your XBLA collection. Darwinia+ includes both Darwinia and Multiwinia and for the price tag of 1200MP($15), this game is worth it.

Final score for the game is a 8 Capsules Out Of 10


• A beautifully crafted environment that makes you feel as if you truly are in a computer program.
• An awesome online mode as well as an extensive campaign proved numerous hours of gameplay.
• The game is simple enough for people of all ages, yet interesting enough to keep you captivated for hours.

• It would be nice if the game instructed you on what to do, sometimes you will be playing and be completely lost as to what you were doing.
• The units move pretty slowly, and it gets boring traversing across the levels.
• The only real punishment for dying is having to walk back to where you were, because of this there isn’t the feeling of risk when you attack.

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