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Here at Capsule Computers we are passionate about our video games and providing YOU with the latest up to date news and information including reviews and interviews in the world of gaming.  We take pride in what we do and want our readers to contribute, leave comments on all our articles, write up reviews on games, post in the forums, chat in our online chat room and also RT all our Twitter posts from Twitter.  We would like you to help us grow and expand our online Community and make Capsule Computers a great place to pick up all you need to know in the world of gaming !!

In Return we WILL reward the most active members of the Capsule Computers Community with prizes such as Xbox Live Arcade Games, Steam PC Games, iPhone Games, Playstation Network Games and other cool Stuff 🙂

EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT (Sydney Time) WITHOUT FAIL we will pick 1 to 5 members of the Capsule Computers Community who have worked the hardest that week and give them a prize for their hard work.

So to recap : RT our Comments on Twitter along with Leaving informative and Honest comments on all the articles on our website, write up reviews on games, post in our forum, chat in our online chat room will put you in the running to win either a Xbox Live Arcade, STEAM POWERED PC Game, iPhone Games and Playstation Network GAMES !!  This is an ongoing competition and that works together with our Twitter Account.  Make sure you follow Capsule Computers on Twitter to keep up to date and informed when we have posted off a new article on our website.  All you have to do is simply RT our article on Twitter then come on over to our website and leave a comment and be as active as possible.  IT’S THAT EASY !! 

Once again THANK YOU TO EVERYONE in helping us grow the Capsule Computers Community !!

Let us know what you think, leave a comment below 🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. AWESOME! I enjoy coming to your website. It’s definitely one of the nicer video gaming websites I’ve seen that isn’t IGN. 🙂

  2. Damn, it’s 7pm where you are! It’s only 6am here in Pennsylvania, USA. You’re 13 hours ahead of me!

  3. Cool! Congratulations on all the success!

  4. yummy candy!

  5. I want a prize!

  6. Can’t argue with free games!

  7. You guys are always so friendly and active on Twitter. It’s always a treat to see you tweet.

  8. I am hungry. Just being honest.

  9. Sweet way to get more followers and to keep the conversations stimulating. Everyone loves prizes. love the “masterplan” Mwuahahaha!

  10. We are all glad you’re all happy about this Permanent Contest 🙂 Make sure you all Comment, Leave messages in the Forums, Chat in the channels RT our posts on Twitter. Every you do is monitored !! and we will pick the busiest little Bee’s that are working hard and also having fun on Capsule Computers 🙂 From all of us at Capsule Computers we say THANK YOU !!!! 🙂

  11. Ill work my hardest =)

  12. Wow that’s…impressive O-O

  13. MMMMMmmmmm chocolate, I’ll do anything for chocolate!

  14. Hey Brother, Next Competition needs to be for some of that Delicious & Fresh licorice you’ve got over there.. Was addicted when I was over there installing suncorp metways online banking system and boy do I miss it!

  15. I’m a fan of Capsule Computers because they are nice. They represent the little guys well. More video unboxings please.

  16. Great site. Very informative about the newest of games.

  17. I really like how you keep up with everything. Keeps me well informed on things.

  18. You have a great website. There is a wealth of information here! Love reading about all the newest games.

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