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Classic Hack & Slash with Catacombs on the iPhone

Are you a fan of classic style Gauntlet games ?  Well your in luck.  iPhone game developer InMotion Software have just released a cool little dual analog style controlled Hack & Slash Dungeon Crawler called…


Hack & slash your way into the depths and across the realm in this classic arcade-style dungeon crawler.

A great evil has invaded the lands surrounding your people. You are the only hope to defend against an onslaught of creatures determined to plunge your once peaceful homeland into darkness. Take up arms and defeat the source of corruption and return peace to your realm.

Choose your hero from one of three classes:
* Warrior
* Mage
* Archer

Defeat unique enemies such as:
* Skeletons
* Giant Spiders
* Slimes
* Orcs
* And more!

Looks very good.  Hopefully we’ll be able to have a review of the game very soon 🙂

Catacombs is just got released if you want it, its only going to cost you 99c.  BARGAIN !! Grab it by click on the button below :


For now check out the screenshots below :

Whats everyone think of this on ?