Capsule Computers Modern Warfare 2 Community Night Coming SOON !!

Xbox 360

Doom on you MR TANGO !! & anyone else that stands in our way !!

Capsule Computers has sent through an application to host a Xbox Live Community event for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  Hopefully if all goes well, Xbox give us the go ahead we can all get on and play Modern Warefare 2 from 8pm to 11pm AUS EST on Friday 19th March.  Now this date might change as it’s up to the Xbox team to approve the date.  But STAY TUNED !!  For now get on Xbox Live whack in Modern Warfare 2 and practice !! As your gonna need it !!  The Capsule Computers Team are ready to take you all down 😉


If you have any questions leave a comment below.  We’ll keep you all posted here as well as Twitter.

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. um… 2 typos… that i can see…

    anyway, you know ill be there…
    AUS EST? wtf?

  2. AUS EST = Australian Eastern Standard Time 😉

  3. yeah… nevermind… i wont be there, sorry guys…
    i just converted that time, and it comes out 4am for me… and yeah, i cant do that… have fun anyways!

  4. Oh we will 😉 Ill take some screenshots if I can and maybe some video footage as well 😉

  5. cool!

  6. I think the time is an issue here too D=

  7. Andrenekoi only have eyes for Bad Company 2 on PC. Sorry Infinity Ward.

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