Win a iPhone Game a Day Promotion


Yes you heard it right !!  Thanks to two of our product sponsors Kiloo & IUGO Mobile Entertainment we have some iPhone games to give away 15 of them.  So what were going to do is give 1 iPhone game away per day for 15 DAYS !!

Now HOW DO YOU WIN !!! you ask .. Well it’s VERY SIMPLE ..

All you have to do is be an ACTIVE member of the Capsule Computers community.  Leave comments on articles, post in our forum, RT & Follow our Twitter comment that we post out daily.   Along with following both Kiloo & IUGO ME (now when i mention be ACTIVE .. it doesnt mean SPAM !!) Try and be as active as possible but do not post 100 SPAM comments.

We will check daily and pick a winner based on any or all of the above criteria.  This only the begining.  If this little promotion is very successful and everyone gets involved.  I might extend this to have a game day for a whole month, 2 months or EVEN A YEAR !!  Prizes will vary depending on what our many other Product Sponsors will have so it could be Xbox Live arcade games, Playstation 3 network games, Wii Ware games, PC Games, DS Games.  Who knows, BUT if we don’t get enough support we wont be able to cary this promotion forward.  So we need your help !! 🙂

So let’s get the ball rolling right now help us grow the Capsule Computers community and win a free Game along the way 🙂

This promotion starts today 🙂  So let’s get busy !!

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!

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