The clouds are gathering. The rain is about to fall..‏

Playstation 3

Not long now before the Oragami Killer is unleashed upon the Playstation 3 in Quantic Dream’s amazing Heavy Rain.  click on the image below to be taken over to the official website and learn all about it.  This is going to an ABSOLUTE must for all you Playstation 3 owners out there. If you only get one game this year.  Make sure its Heavy Rain.  I cannot recommend this game enough to everyone that owns a Playstation 3.  Check it out and also the previous articles below :

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Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. This game still has me on the ropes of if it is a must buy or a pre-owned copy down the road.

  2. No man .. i would recommend u go out and buy this one its going to be out of this world !!

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