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Only a few days ago we posted a great interview with The Behemoth team. And along with that we also ran a little competition on what we all think The Behemoth should call their 3rd game. Currently named GAME#3

Well we’ve have an amazing amount of entries. The Mayor of Behemoth Town has asked us here at Capsule Computers to do the honours and pick the 5 lucky winners.

So here goes : The winners of The Behemoth Competition with their comments are  :

Comment by Mario T. on January 15, 2010
“Trouble Makers”, i played the demo game at comic con and it was reaaaally good, i had a great time playin’ with people, and it was all about fighting with each other haha
-Heil the behemoth
Comment by sca…let’s say krakungar3D on January 15, 2010
-emerald chase
-world of shapes
-this ain’t a rock
-sky emerald
-a country for waffles
-nervous boxmen
Comment by digital ink on January 15, 2010
Rainbows and Sugarcubes: A Lullaby
This game looks amazing and chaotic, hopefully it will end up with a title equally absurd to match. Behemoth FTW!
Comment by Woodlandbunny on January 15, 2010
THE GAME or just Game #3. That sounds cool too.
Comment by Patrick on January 16, 2010
The Life of a Platformer.

A Big Congratulations to the 5 Lucky winners.  You all win a copy of Castle Crashers for Xbox 360 courtesy of our Fantastic Product Sponsors The BEHEMOTH !!!

To everyone else that entered.  Don’t be sad.  Once we’re able to wrangle a few more game codes from The Behemoth.  We’ll come up with another cool competition to give them away 🙂

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  1. CONGRATS!! To all the winners! 🙂

  2. Haha, I didn’t think I would of won. Congrats to all the other winners, and better luck next time to the other people that enter.

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