Super Street Fighter IV – NEW TRAILER – AMAZING !!

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The fine people over at Game Trailers have shared out this Amazing new trailer of Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV. If you’ve been wating for Super Street Fighter IV, well this is going to whip you more into a frezny !!

We told you we’d have some good stuff coming soon, and I hope you’ll agree after watching this trailer. It’s chock full of alternate costumes and a few of the long-rumored second Ultra Combos, which as you can imagine from the taste you’ll see here are totally EVIL!

One-inch punch, Mecha-Zangief, Shadaloo Cammy, and the mother of all shoryukens, and a few of you lucky ducks are going hands-on with the game at Capcom’s Vegas fight club TOMORROW. Get hype people!

Enjoy and let us knwo what you think of all these new features in this EPIC game !!

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