MW2 – where it is going.. or been.. or maybe just gone?

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Senior Editor at Capsule Computers : Duraroc has shared his opinions on Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer gameplay problems and glitches faced by everyone playing online especially XBOX 360 owners.  Once again there are some very good points and most of all it’s a very informative and interesting read, check it out and let us know what you think of it.  Leave a comment below.

So here we are 2 months in MW2, and where are we going with it?

After numerous glitches and patches released, guns nerfed, alot of swearing online, alot of OMG moments, alot of bullshit moments, what is in store for us MW2 devotees?

Well the matchmatching fixes, where are they???? For those of you that say it doesn’t make a difference whether you have 2 yellow bars or 4 green bars.. try it yourself – there is a massive amount of difference.
PC and PS3 users already have the fix, supposedly IW have sent the fix to MS for approval last year, we are still waiting.
Other exploits have also been brought to Infinity Ward’s attention. The care package marker run like the 6 million dollar man? Stab people at will with Commando perk on, use it on CTF (Capture The Flag) to score points easily. Infinity Ward’s @FourZeroTwo, Robert Bowling has said that Infinity Ward are looking at it, but will anything change?

Seeing as the Xbox has been hacked, and the game files can be tampered with, people have been finding some nice hidden extras on the game disk. One of those is a game type called Thermonuclear War, have a look at the Youtube video below.

Are we going to expect this in the recently announced DLC coming later this year? Why do we have to pay for this stuff if it is already on the disk? There is also another game mode called VIP, don’t have many details on this one yet.
What else can we expect on the DLC? Most probably new maps – the ones we have now tend to get a bit boring being played all the time. New guns? Doubt it.

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  1. WOW i hope this is free add on for the playlist and not for the dlc

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