Mistwalker to develop iPhone game

Xbox 360


Mistwalker seems to hard at work on a few projects as noted by Hironobu Sakaguchi-san, creator of Final Fantasy and now founder of Misterwalker released a Happy New Year post on his Mistwalker column stating that they are working on  a new blockbuster project and also a iphone game as well.  If the new blockbuster title is anywhere near as good as Lost Odyssey then it will have me hooked.  I lost over 150 hours of my life on that amazing game.  Here is what Sakaguchi-san had to say in his post.

Happy New Year.
2010 is the year of my long-awaited new blockbuster project.
I’m putting my heart and soul into this production. I’m taking a full swing and making this the best project.
Oh, by the way, We are also working on a project for iPhone.
This should be released soon as well.
We will put our efforts together and do our best!
I’m sure you’ll Love it.


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