Microsoft CES 2010 – Press Release information on all that is XBOX 360

Xbox 360

Here are all the Microsoft Press Release Fact Sheets that were covered regarding XBOX 360 in todays Consumer Electronic Show CES Keynote by Steve Ballmer & Robbie Bachand its AMAZING line up of games and hardware. I personally can’t wait for XBOX Arcade Game Room.

Click on the links below to open up each Press Release in Microsoft Word Format.

Project Natal


Xbox LIVE Arcade: Game Room

Xbox LIVE Arcade: Toy Soldiers

Xbox LIVE Arcade: Scrap Metal

Alan Wake


Windows 7 PCs

Windows Media Center in Windows 7

Let us know what your waiting  to get your hands on  🙂

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. The game room does look really cool, though that is until you see the price tag put on the games. 40 points for a single play, and 240 for purchase of these games? They are going to be 20 year old games, it only cost a quarter usually to play these back then, but they are charging double that now for a single play. Although of course purchasing it would be the better option, it is a bit much to apply that price for old games, though you also do get the arcade system for your game room which is cool i suppose.

  2. Yes I do have to agree with you there on that. It seems that single play is way out there… this has to be fixed or people are going to get very mad. But as you said buying them will be the best option here.

  3. Yeah but then again, it might only be like, 60% of a cheap 400 point arcade game. But we don’t know if they

    1. come with any achievements, which may be hard for some of those older games, unless they are score related.

    2. If purchasing the game, will also give you like, theme items for your game room which would at least be a better incentive.

    3. Will one purchase play be like credits? Where if you lose all your lives and have to restart, will you have to put in another 40 MSP to continue? Or will it be until you decide to quit.

    4. Every one of those games is available, in many forms and variants, with additions, on any flash game site, or within a quick google search.

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