Matt Hazard : Blood Bath And Beyond Competition Winners

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G’day everyone here are the winners of the Matt Hazard Blood Bath and Beyond Competition !!  Congratulations to these 4 lucky winners, and also thank you to everyone that participated.  Make sure you check the rest of our running competitions and stay tuned for some other cooler comps coming up soon 🙂

Winners & Comments

Clifton : 
It should be Super Mario!!!

He would just bust in, mess up both Mario and Bowser and kick princess Peach out the castle and take all the coins

Mirpkered :
I think that Matt Hazard and Duke Nukem need to team up in a game… no parody but just straight up ass-kicking. However for a parodic game I’d set him in the ‘Assasain’s Creed’ messing up templars with kickin weaponry. I call the Nukem Teamup, ‘Nukem & Hazard: I’m out of gum’ and the AC paradoy, Matt Hazard: The Unassassain Assassain’

KieranD :
He should be in Gears of War. Screw Cole Train, Matt has a STEAM TRAIN. Screw chainsaws, Matt has his TEETH. Screw bullets, Matt has SCREWS.

Rodrigo :

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!!

  2. Thanks! I sent you an email message regarding which one I wanted.

  3. Man, I never won anything!

    First time Ever =D

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