KPOWER Cafe : Even GEEKS need a place to hang out and eat too you know !!

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KPOWER Cafe !! A place where the Humble Geek can go grab himself something to eat, and whilst he’s doing so can enjoy all the comforts of home at the same time.   MasterAbbott recently stubled across this magnificent cafe whilst he was walking in the city of Sydney.  Stepping inside he was transported into a world full of gadgets, retro gaming, Internet and most of all food.  It was amazing MasterAbbott felt like he was …. like … HOME … all the games he could play all the internet he could browse… and once again the food was out of this world. 

Ladies and Gentlemen once again let me introduce you to a Geeks home away from home KPOWER CAFE .  Located in the SYDNEY CBD at 277 Sussex St, KPOWER CAFE is a must for anyone that enjoys fine food and also playing games.  Along with being able to play the old school retro style arcade table top games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Wonderboy etc you can also get stuck in to the stand up arcade games like Street Fighter II as well.  ALL FOR FREE.  It’s all part of the great service that KPOWER provides to all customers.  If your want you can test your skill on the Star Trek pinball machine or even better get all next gen and play some Playstation 3.  A Geek cafe wouldn’t be complete with out MINDBALL.  A game where you use your mind not your brawn,  all you have to do is sink into some really cool comfy seats, strap a sensor around your head and let your mind go.  Relax and let the ball roll over to your opponents side to win.  You see magic really still does exist 😉

Along with the all this cool stuff to play, whilst your waiting for your food to arrive KPOWER also have a fantastic array of GADGETS to buy.  The list is huge, there are just too many to mention, check out some of them in the screenshots below.  Grab youself something special you know us geeks need to be pampered once in a while too you know 🙂 

SO, If you’re ever in Sydney drop in and grab a bite to eat, the food is fantastic, the service is 1st class and also try to fit in some the super ULTRA UBER cool ice-cream dessert called “Dippin’ Dots” .  There’re so cool MasterAbbott had all the dots you can see in the images shown below.

Check out all the images and for more information on KPOWER check out their official website here you can also order all the “Super Cool Gadgets” from the site.  KPOWER ship internationally as well !!

GEEKS OF THE WORLD !!! WE have found a place to EAT, SING, PLAY and BE MERRY !!!


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  1. this is awesome!!! i must go there!!
    that food looks amazing!!

    yep, definitely on my list of places to go before i die…

  2. same this is going to be on the top of my list for sure

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