Bill Gates on Twitter !! YES It’s Really him !!


Just less than 10 hours ago one of the most richest and most successful business men in the world, BILL GATES  joined up on Twitter and in record time he already supassed over 100,000 followers !! AND COUNTING !! If you have’t already done so, just jump on the bandwagon and help good ole Bill make it the Million mark by tomorrow !!

For anyone that didnt know it was twittered by Twitter’s Caroline Mizumoto who tweeted the comment below about it about 5 ago. 

So far at this present moment, whilst i’m typing this article  Bill’s followers have moved from the screenshot above : 112,946  to  117,136 :  That’s 4190 every few mins (same as Bill’s bank account constantly increasing every second).  As I said when you wake up tomorow Bill will be over the Million mark.  Let’s see if he can surpass Oprah who has just over 3 million followers or even Ashton Kutcher who has an amazing 4.8 million followers.  I think it’s do-able.  There are more Geeks out there than any other kind of humans 😉

Help Bill .. it’s for a good cause 🙂 

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