Write A Review & being the running to Win a Xbox Live Arcade Game

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Have you ever wanted to write game reviews ? Do you have a PASSION for gaming ? Well if the answer is YES.. You have come to the right place.
Capsule Computers would like to give 3 lucky people a chance to have their game review posted on Capsule Computers.
All you need to do is post your review (no more than 700 words) at the Caspule Computer Forum
The 3 BEST reviews will be picked by MasterAbbott, those lucky winners will score themselves a XBOX LIVE ARCADE GAME 

Now check out the rules below and get CRACKING, Make your review as original and interesting as you can.  GOOD LUCK

Please post your reviews here :

Make sure you have a valid email address so you can be contacted if you win.

Rules :  

Remember your review should not be anymore than 700 words.  You can add pics if you like as well. 

Rules are simple :
1 – Review must be on either a Xbox 360 Retail or Arcade game released in the past 6 months (top 10 popular games would be ideal)

2 – Do not bad mouth anyone’s review.  Everyone has a fair chance at winning, and just because you might not like the game reviewed there is no need to flame the reviewer or the game.  The main point of this is to write a fair and non biased review.

3 – HAVE FUN !!  Write your best review.  The winners will have their reviews posted on Capsule Computers and will win a Xbox Live Arcade Game.

Entries and Competition will close on Saturday 19th December

MasterAbbott will go through the reviews and choose the BEST 3 and post those on Capsule Computers.

Good Luck  😀

Any questions … Leave comments below

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