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Here is a new a new special Trailer and more info on Trials HD – BIG Pack DLC

Trials HD – BIG Pack, will be released exclusively on Xbox LIVE Arcade on December 23rd 2009.  Trials HD – Big Pack nearly doubles the amount of RedLynx-made tracks and adds a big selection of new physics made objects to the game, enabling new types of tracks and monster appliances.  Trials HD – Big Pack will be available for 400 Microsoft Points.  In addition, a title update will be released which develops some parts of the game even further, addresses community player feedback, and makes some specific fixes and improvements
Check out the New Special Trailer below :

New Achievements in DLC are:
-Piggyback (15G):  Catch a ride and surf on top of a car in Dangerous Ride. Can you go the distance?
-Ride on top of a car in Dangerous Ride DLC track.
-No Deal (15G): Which box to choose and when to bailout?
-Bail out and land the rider inside a lucky box.
-Look ma I can fly! (20G): Bounce 5 trampolines in succession in Skyway to reach new heights.
In more detail, Trials HD – BIG Pack includes:
-35 brand new Trials HD tracks, with a special focus on medium and hard tracks, the difficulty levels most requested by players – the sweet-spot of track difficulty:
-23 racing tracks: 12 medium, 9 hard and 2 extreme – most with new physics objects providing Trials rides never experienced before
-12 skill game tracks
-Five new tournaments including all the new tracks -More than 50 new crazy physics objects: Car, rocket turbine, gravity field, wind, motor and many others!  These objects will also be available on the level editor for users to utilize in creating their own tracks.
-Three new fun Achievements worth 50 Gamerscore
In further detail, free Title Update includes:
– Ultimate Endurance tournament simplified.  This change makes the close to impossible Marathon achievement possible for much wider audience.  The tournament now includes beginner/easy/medium tracks.
– Improved Down the Stairs skill game. The physics glitch all top players used is fixed and now the user has better control over the tumbling down rider.
– Fixed the corrupted leaderboard scores found in some tracks (zero times, impossible scores). All leaderboards have been cleaned off corrupted scores and we have a system in place to keep them clean in the future as well.
– Fixed a number of minor bugs reported by players and found by testers. Now the game is even more polished and stable than before.
Due to huge demand, the amount of tracks users can save in their hard disks and memory cards is doubled.
The following Trials HD Xbox Live items will also be launched soon:
-Trials HD Xbox premium theme
-Trials HD Xbox avatar item pack
As a special note, Chiptune in “1 bit part” of the trailer  is made by 8 Bit Weapon and song is “Closer (Bitpop Mix)” ( )
8 Bit weapon are Seth & Michelle and they have performed across two continents with their arsenal of 8 bit weapons. Inspired by classic videogame soundtracks and electronic music from the 70s and 80s, 8 Bit Weapon delivers a sound that is as unique as it is original. Clever melodies, nostalgic atmosphere, and energetic beats create a decidedly modern sound while maintaining a fun, lo-tech aesthetic. So we thought that in order to boost the theme we included their great song in the trailer! 😀 Check also other tunes.

Info thanks for Red Lynx Studios

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