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Ok let’s get back into the groove .. Capsule Computers has a few STEAM GAMES to give away to a few lucky readers and followers.

Now first one is easy.  Lets get to 1050 followers on Twitter simply follow and RT  @capsulecomputer for a chance to win.

Next the GAME review we did a while back was a great success.  We’re gonna be bring this back.  This time you can review anything you like from any major console, even handhelds such as Nintendo DS, PSP and iPhone.    Write up a review for your favourite game (make sure it’s a game thats been released in the last 6 months (not too old) and post it in the FORUMS here.  We will not have a word limit this time but try and make it no longer than 1000 words as people tend to fall asleep after 700 words 😉

Depending on how many people enter we might give away 1 to 3 STEAM PC games just like last time.   If we only get less than 10 reviews .. Only 1 STEAM GAME will be given away .. if we get 15 reviews 2 STEAM games will be given away and if we hit 20 .. we will have 3 STEAM Games to give away .. so 3 lucky reviewers will win a game .. and who knows, we might throw in a 4th and 5th place if we get over 20 reviews.

NOW only 1 review per person.  So make it count thats why there isn’t really a word limit but as I explained above.  No more than 1000 words.  The winners will have their reviews posted on Capsule Computers website. You’ll be FAMOUS 😉

Ok well lets get cracking.  The Game Review competition for entries will close on FRIDAY the 1st Of January.  So you have a week to get working on it.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS .. Get in your reviews before the 1st Jan 2010.   Notifications and reminders will be sent out via Twitter so you don’t forget.

Well thats it 🙂 lets get going and good luck with your reviews.  May the best one win.  Myself and the staff will check the forums daily to see whats been posted and take notes 😉

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!

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  1. Wii> “Resident Evil”
    The Darkside of Chronicles
    I just got my game in other day,and I really like it. It’s a 1 or 2 player game.The sound effects fit this game,not too harsh,nor too mellow.The graphics are done very well.Clarity of the characters,the surrounding areas,is really impressive.Not a cheesy thrown together graphics.the screen view is easy to see and read what your health bar is.See your scores clearly as well.your partner,if playing 1 player,will attack a lot if his health bar is full.If his health bar gets low,he is less likely to fight and cover you.If your using 2 players,both can be seen clearly for each health/scores. you have zombies to battle,and team ot put together.your team mates are new to you,but have proven themselves in other can use either the remote w/nunchuk ,or link zapper.I prefer the zapper as it helps me to shoot faster and more accurate hits.there are 3 levels for you to chose form :Easy-is desgined for beginners..normal fo raverage players..hard fo rthe more seasoned often-don’t forget this-save when you you don’t lose your accomplishments of will be given the choice of where you want to the chonicles option to begin the game.just use the wii remote,select scenario and chapter to play.more will become available as you progress in the will also select a character.then initial can change your weapon while playing.customizing option is great! you get to design your own weapons and increase the strength they have!I really like this feature,you can have a lot of fun with this feature.when your done playing,you can hook up the wi/fi and compare your rankings with others.
    I really like this game all around scoring it 1-5{5 being high}I give this a high 5 ;-}

    {this is my 1st time leaving a review sorry it’s not properly in order or done up as I lack the skills/word terms as Im only a medicore game player but given time Im gonna’ be hardcore! I’m a late bloomer hahaha}

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