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Oh look, it’s THIS game again…


Ladies and Gentlemen, Capsule Computers would like to share a special article written especially for us by freelance editor, Scott Bullock.  Scott will be throwing his opinions around on the latest video games from time to time and this is one he has shared with us today.

Ok, so as most of you probably know, EA has announced that they plan to release a new and updated Medal of Honor game. Oh, and it is now apparently going to be set, not in WWII, as any good Medal of Honor should be, but in modern times. So, let me get this straight; you are updating a classic WWII game and setting it’s WARFARE in MODERN times? Where have I heard that before…

Oh yeah.

“But,” I thought, “this can’t be right. No one could really expect us to buy the exact same game we already played. No one could be so despicable that they would totally rip off another developer’s game, right?” Then I remembered that this is EA we’re talking about.

I can believe it.

But in all honesty, why do they have to set these games in the present? I’ve played enough games where all I do is shoot swarthy people in turbans. Where did the days of cappin’ NAZIS (say it like Brad Pitt from Inglourious Basterds) with an M1 go? Why can’t I fight Hitler anymore? Sure, World at War gave me a little Nazi fighting fun, but mostly you fight the Japanese.

And if you are going to make another WWII shooter, why not try something new? Say, break out of the standard linear level progression, and try something a little more open world? That could be… interesting. Imagine if Rockstar Games made a WWII game. You’d probably just end up jacking Panzers and running over French hookers.

Now THAT’s a game.

Check out MOH Video Trailer below


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