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Capsule Computers wants you to VOTE on who should be it’s Official Website Sponsor(s). 

At the moment Capsule Computers is running purely on its Passion for Video Games, and will continue to do so til the very end, but as things start to get busier and higher demands are required to keep up with all the latest in the world of Video Games, the amount of manpower also needs to be increased, and this is where hopefully the backing of some major sponsors would be greatly appreciated. 

Capsule Computers would like you all to smackdown your vote.  And tell us who you think would be perfect for the job.  Once we have a clear winner, hopefully we’ll be able to speak to them and see if they’d be happy to come to the party and be our Official Sponsor.   Now as you know there are many many other software developers out there.  That could be and can be our Official Sponsors.   If you know of any or you are one.  Drop us an email at [email protected] and we can start making it happen.

Along with sponsors, we are also looking out for Companies/Indi Developers who would like to advertise their games and or development studio on Capsule Computers.  Ad Space is currently available.  And by placing your AD on Capsule Computers you will be helping Capsule Computers move forward into the future along with being seen by thousands of readers worldwide that visit Capsule Computers daily 

Finally, the power of Gaming is a wonderful thing.  Here at Capsule Computers our passion for Video Games will always stay true as we really do care about what we share to the our readers.  We take the utmost pride in what we deliver and to always keep you informed with the latest news, along with interesting interviews and reviews from the gaming world along with some cool and fun competitions thrown in for good measure.   If you think that we’re doing a great job and you want to contribute to making Capsule Computers even better than what it currently is.  A donation can be made, if you would like to do so send us an email ( [email protected] ) and we’ll get back to you.

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  1. i think u should get sponsered by atari and then you guys should sponsor my xbox live clan 😛 ps we are called sg and we are on cybergamer MW2

  2. We would love to but we need to get Atari on our side first 🙂

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