Lost Planet 2 Boss Profile: Akrid X

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SNOW from Capcom-Unity shared this fine piece of information about Lost Planet 2 BOSS ARKID X .. now dont be scared, SNOW covers all you need to know on how to tame this wild Beast/Monster/Thing/ and anything else you can come up with 😉 

Thanks SNOW !! ..
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Monday, November 30, 2009, 01:34 PM PST [General]

Lost Planet 2 is full of epic akrid, which you’ll get full doses of constantly throughout your journey of the campaign mode. In Episode 2 you’ll be up against one such akrid, mysteriously named Akrid X. We’ve got a bunch of new screens to share with you, as well as some info on how this devilish looking monster attacks. He’s fast, using his wings to fly and hop all over the city. Keeping your eyes on him is not easy, which means you’ll be on your toes the whole fight with him. 

His attacks range very widely, including quite a few nasty tricks with his glowing arm. He’ll swipe at you and your allies, and even focus in for a painful pin-point stab.

Be on the look out for his throw. Akrid X picks up anything he can find, like rocks, or even train cars and hurls them at you. And if you get hit by a train… well, you’ll be watching that respawn screen. 

Loads more screens and info about how this guy attacks after the jump!

He also breathes fire and throws exploding fireballs. The fire attacks are pretty varied, as he’ll just straight up burn everything in sight, or focus on close range attacks to mop up you ankle biters out there (that attack lasts a long time), and of course throwing those explosive fireballs I mentioned. 

Now that you know a few of his basic attacks (yes, there’s plenty more tricks up his sleeve, but I won’t spoil it all for you) it’s time to learn how to dish out some of your own butt kickin’. First off, there’s all sorts of VS and weapons in the city. Be sure to grab plenty of ammo, load up on Thermal Energy, and be sure your teams battle gauge is stocked up with point. Once you’re ready, take him on. But be aware that he only has two weak spots: his arm, and his head. So keep a steady aim!

Stay tuned later this week for more info and screens on some of the other epic bosses you’ll be battling throughout Lost Planet 2. 

Let us know what you think of Arkid X .. is he scary .. is he a big sissy or does he look like a very very tough boss ?

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