EA GAMES : Xbox LIVE Holiday Discounts

Xbox 360

From December 25th thru January 31st, buy any 3 of these Xbox 360 digital games or game add-ons and get 800 MS Points back.

Check this list out of great games at fantastic prices.  THANKS EA for the Christmas Holiday Discounts !!!

Product Name MS Points USD Price (S) Content Type
Battlefield Bad Company   $19.99 Games on Demand
Army of Two   $19.99 Games on Demand
Black   $19.99 Xbox Classic
Dead Space   $19.99 Games on Demand
Battlefield 1943 1200   Arcade
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat   $19.99 Games on Demand
Need for Speed: Most Wanted   $19.99 Games on Demand
Need for Speed: Carbon   $19.99 Games on Demand
Need for Speed: Pro Street   $19.99 Games on Demand
Burnout Paradise   $19.99 Games on Demand
Burnout Paradise – Big Surf Island 1000   Game add-on
Burnout Revenge   $19.99 Games on Demand
Madden NFL Arcade 1200   Arcade
NHL 3 on 3 Arcade 800   Arcade
Fight Night Round 3   $19.99 Games on Demand
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 – Predator Golf Course 600   Game add-on
FIFA 10 – Live Season 2 All Leagues 800   Game add-on
Madden NFL 10 – AFL Legacy Pack 560   Game add-on
Family Friendly        
Sorry! Sliders 800   Arcade
Sorry! 800   Arcade
Yahtzee 800   Arcade
Battleship 800   Arcade
Monopoly   $29.99 Games on Demand
Connect 4 800   Arcade
Action, RPG & Strategy        
Mass Effect   $19.99 Games on Demand
Mass Effect – Bring Down the Sky 400   Game add-on
Command & Conquer Commander’s Challenge 800   Arcade
Boom Boom Rocket 560   Arcade
Dragon Age: Origins – Warden’s Keep 560   Game add-on
Mass Effect – Pinnacle Station 400   Game add-on
Which ones are you going to buy ??  Let us know
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