Xbox Live Insider Tour – Sydney Low-Down !!

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Last night Microsoft hosted the last leg of their Australian Tour for the Xbox Live Insider Tour, which was hosted at Home Nightclub, Darling Harbour Sydney.

Event kicked off at 7pm, food & drinks flowed from the bar all night long and everyone got the chance to play some of the cool games that will be coming out very soon on Xbox 360.   Ashley “Jinx” Jenkins ran through the new Xbox 360 dashboard update which consisted of Twitter, Facebook and movies in HD.  If you were part of the Xbox 360 preview program you might already have the new dashboard but if you haven’t seen it yet check out my video review of it here.

Microsoft also presented a few videos showcasing titles that will be coming to the Xbox 360 this year and early next.  And also a preview of Project Natal.  The fans were given a sneak peak at Ubisoft’s masterpiece Splinter Cell Conviction and got to see BAD ASS Sam Fishing in action.  DJ Hero was also Demoed to the fans along with Lips. 

Fans were also entertained with a catwalk show featuring models dressed up in the latest game inspired clothing, and some dancing and the finale an appearance by the only and only MC HAMMER !!  HAMMER, hammered out three of his classic songs ending with “You Can’t Touch This”  MC Hammer also spoke a little about the new Xbox features coming soon, such as twitter and facebook.  And if you want to follow MC Hammer as he said its a no bainer his twitter account is

I wont blabber on for too much.  As I have a 3 videos from the night.  First is the Xbox 360 games coming out soon, along with Project Natal, and then Ashley going through some of the new features coming soon to the Xbox 360 dashboard, and then a bit of runway action and dancing.  Check it out below :

Xbox Live Insider Tour Part 1


Second Video we get to see Sam Fisher in Action in Splinter Cell Conviction


Last but certainly not least the Legendary MC Hammer performs and speaks about Xbox 360


Well done to Microsoft for organizing this event.  Lets hope we get to see and be a part of more of these events in the future.  We need more of these events here in Australia.  The Xbox Community in Australia is starting to grow more and more everyday.

Check out some of the photos from the night below and the rest HERE








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