Twisted Pixel Games Store NOW OPEN !!

Xbox 360

We have GREAT NEWS !! The Twistex Pixel Games online store is now open for trading..  And look at what you can buy ..

Ohhh how cute !!

 You too can own one of these cute n cuddly MAW Plushie dolls.  All you have to do is make your way over to the Twisted Pixel Online Store and simply click on the order button and PRESTO .. The MAW will be shipped over to you and you give him a big big hug.  (just becareful he doesnt bite your head off, baby MAW’s need to eat too you know)


I can’t get over how cute he looks.  I’m gonna get one.  And I urge you all to get yourselves one too.  At a low price of only $12 USD plus shipping and handling its a STEAL !!  Don’t delay buy a MAW TODAY !!

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