Undercroft – EPIC RPG for the Apple iPhone

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Undercroft is a EPIC RPG game just released on the iPhone by software development studios Rake In The Grass.

Undercroft is a turn based RPG very similar to the old classic RPG style game, Dungeon Master.  But with MANY MANY more options and features that makes it stand out amonst the crowd of other RPG/Adventure games on the iPhone at the moment.


Check out some of the game features :

  • 20 hours of gameplay with great replay value!
  • A party of heroes – because the whole is more than a sum of its parts! Enjoy building of unique specialised classes that do not blend. Combine their powers to overcome their weaknesses and make them a horde to remember!
  • Intricate plot with dozens of quests and plenty sidequests to gather extra experience!
  • Unique turn-based combat system suitable for well thought out strategic moves as well as for fast fluent attacks!
  • 5 hero classes with great wariety of skills and spells for unique development!
  • More than 750 items and 60 enemies!
  • Sophisticated interface with all the extensive functionality quickly on hand!
  • Many environments ranging from fiery pits and dark underground to forests, snowy mountains and large city!
  • Undercroft is available now from the App Store for only $4.99  – A LITE version is also available which allows you to play the first chapter for FREE and if you like it, your able to transfer your saved game from the LITE version to your FULL version which is very handy.


    Check out the Trailer for the game below


    Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!