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Things weren’t always so good for Luis Lopez.  Growing up with a strict single mother in the tough neighborhood of Northwood Heights, he managed to get himself into a lot of trouble at an early age.  It wasn’t until he was 25, after serving some time and taking part in a criminal outreach program, that he met Tony Prince, the man who changed everything.  Having worked his way up from doorman, the Dominican playboy now acts as personal bodyguard, confidant and friend to Tony, Liberty City’s most successful – and delusional, neurotic and drink and drug addled – nightlife impresario.  Although Tony is a Liberty City legend, he is also over his head in debt to gangsters and back on a path to self-destruction, Luis now has a fulltime job just trying to keep his boss, and the clubs he owns afloat. 

Luis helps to run Tony’s two current nightclubs, Maisonette 9 and Hercules, but even though he moves in different circles now, he still tries to remain close to his roots, helping his mother when he can and staying tight with his best friends from the old neighborhood, Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas.  Luis is doggedly loyal to his two buddies, and once took the fall for Armando after a deal went wrong when they were teenagers. Getting caught was both the motivation and means by which Luis moved on from that street life. The same cannot be said for Henrique and Armando, who are still found hustling on the same street corners. They have seen Luis move up the food chain and want his help to do the same.

Luis has two siblings who both moved away from Liberty City, so his mother lives all alone. Luis feels responsible, but no matter what he tries to do for her, nothing ever seems to be good enough. His siblings both went to college and got respectable jobs. It’s a constant struggle to balance the needs of friends and family, all the while looking out for Tony and his business interests in a town where everybody wants their piece of the action, and will stop at nothing to get it.

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