IJIEK = KEIJI ;) = Dead Rising 2 = Very COOL :)

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This is for all the slow ones out there, including myself.  At the Capcom Dead Rising 2 media night in Tokyo not too long ago (September 2009).  Keiji Inafune-San came out wearing this fantastic limited edition biker Jacket that Chuck Greene will be wearing in Dead Rising 2.

Now if you haven’t noticed yet the words on the jacket read :


If you reverce the order of the letters they spell out :


That’s VERY COOL.  I know most of you might of already know this.  But everyone that missed it, Keiji Inafune-San has left his mark on Dead Rising 2 very impressingly.

Check out Chuck Greene once again and marvel in the pure genius that is Keiji Inafune-San 🙂



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