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TERROR IS REALITY !! What Terror ??  What Reality !!! What does this all mean ??

Well all our questions have now been answered.  Tonight in a secret location in Tokyo special guests and media from all over the world were invited to attend the premier launch of Capcom’s Blockbuster title DEAD RISING 2.

CAPCOM’s Keiji Inafune the creator of DEAD RISING presented DEAD RISING 2 to everyone in attendance and also introduced the new TERROR IS REALITY online multi-player feature.  Terror is Reality is a 4 player online experience where players go head to head in a series of mini games to kill zombies in all weird and wonderful ways.  The TERROR IS REALITY demo featured four playable mini games, one such mini game has you riding a motor bike with two chainsaws strapped on either side of the handle bars as you tear your way through hordes of undead zombies chopping them into bite size chunks.  The action is fast and furious as your given a time limit in all the mini games and your working as fast as you can to kill as many zombies as you can while your opponents are doing the same thing.

At the moment there is no confirmation on how many mini games will be in the final release of DEAD RISING 2 – TERROR IS REALITY but from the looks of the four playable ones tonight. Online action is going to be VERY Addictive and also very competitive.

To add to the TERROR IS REALITY presentation everyone in attendance was able to participate in a TERROR IS REALITY tournament, where the winner at the end of the night was able to walk away with the VERY VERY LIMITED edition Chuck Greene motor bike jacket which was also Worn by Keiji Inafune during his presentation.

The night was a great success.  Many well known media personalities were in attendance.  Xbox 360’s Major Nelson was also present, interviewing Seth from Capcom Unity.

Capcom kept the food and drinks coming all night long.  The event was fantastic and everyone in attendance had a great night.

I have video of Keiji Inafune which I will be posting / adding to this blog once its ready.  For now please enjoy a few pics from the event.

Thank you once again to Capcom for hosting a spectacular and well organized event.  Keep an eye out on more DEAD RISING 2 videos and pics in the coming days.



Stay tuned for video presentation.  Should be ready in a few hours.

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