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As you just read from my previous post Capsule Computers is in Japan at the moment.  I made my way over to Bic Camera in Osaka tonight and also spotted some pricing for both the new Playstation 3 Slim and the Xbox 360 Elite.

It seems that the Xbox 360 is now shaping up pretty good in Japan.  I was there 2 years ago and there wasn’t much exposure for it back then.  Now its blooming and has as much marketing as the Sony Playstation 3 has.  There was even a Halo 3 ODST promo stand playing a trailer for ODST with the marketing all around the game focusing on pre-ordering your copy.

Lets start with the Xbox 360.  Check out these pics :

XBOX 360 Elite (E-Ri-To) 29,800 YEN ($326 USD) ($375 AUD)

Not a bad price for an Elite Xbox

The Marketing for HALO 3 ODST .. looks very impressive.  I liked the little cut out figurines up the top of the marketing stand.  I think this promotional stand is far better compared to some stores in Australia.  Not long now before we Jump into the action with HALO 3 OSDT !!!(24/9/2009)

Next we have the Sony Playstation 3 slim.   Marketing for the Playstation has always been strong in Japan.  And with the Slim just recently released the price tag is very appealing .. check out these pics and pricing.  I think I’m gonna get myself a PS3 Slim just because its soo CHEAP !!

Now 29,980 YEN .. thats $328 USD and only $377 AUD .. Compared to the price we are paying in Australia for a new PS3 which is $500 !!!! I think you would be mad not to get one of these if you had the chance.

More Advertising

Simple little brochure.  Straight to the point and very stylish.

Both the Xbox and the Playstation 3 slim are marketed at roughly the same price.  Only about $2-3 difference between them.  Which is great for anyone that loves their games and gaming consoles over here in Japan.  I would say if you haven’t already got them .. go out and get them both for nearly what it will cost the Australian consumer to buy just 1 PS3 and a Game.

Ok that’s it for me for another night.  I’ll speak to you all tomorrow.

Let me know what you think of the pricing and this article 🙂

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