Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles : Follow Claire Redfield & Leon Kenney On Twitter !!

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With Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles not too far away,  Capcom have come up with a brilliant idea for all Resident Evil fans to enjoy while they wait for the Darkside Chronicles to be released in November.

Leon S. Kennedy and Clair Redfield have gained access to twitter via global satellite.  With the use of their PDA’s they now have the ability to send to everyone that wishes to follow them updates as they makes make their way through the Zombie infected Racoon City and attempt to survive the horror that is DarkSide Chronicles.

Along the way Leon and Claire will come across special codes that they will share with everyone followng them.  One such code could be used in Apple App Store.  The first person to enter the code will be able to redeem whatever Claire and Leon find in Racoon City.

So how do you follow Clair and Leon .. Well thats the easy part.

Register with Twitter :

And then follow both Claire and Leon for daily updates and your chance to win great prizes.

 Click On Clair & Leon to follow them on Twitter


Dont miss out on this great one and only chance to re-live the horror that is Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles along with Claire and Leon and also win a few cool prizes along the way. 

Do it for Claire, she needs you 😉 its dark in those sewers

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