Quiz Game Land – iPhone


Do you like video games ? Do you know much about them ? Find out in Quiz Nightmare in Game Land .. an epic and delirous adventure across the fantastic world of video games, in which your knowledge will be the your mightiest weapon !!

This game is for anyone that loves video games. This is Game Developer Undercoders first title to launch on the Apple Iphone, iTouch via the app store.

check out their website for more information on the Quiz Game.


Gameplay is fantastic and the idea behind this game is great. There are 3 levels of difficulty, suitable for casual and hardcore players. This will really test out your knowledge of games. Even I had a tough time with some on the hardcore qestions.

The game board is broken down by squares with numbers on them. Land on a square with a 2 on it and you do battle with a monster that has 2 life points. Answer 2 correct questions and BAM the monster is gone and you continue on your quest.

Any video game geek with a passion for gaming and its history will absolutely love this game.

Download available from App Store.


Available for only $2.49 AU

Play Hard Or Don't Play At All!

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