Halo ODST Truck Arrives in Redmond

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Today some very lucky citizens of Redmond USA were able to play some Halo ODST in the luxury of the ODST Truck :

The ODST Truck Expanded out to allow for Xbox Fans to come in and play some ODST.

Amongst the fans at Redmond was Xbox Live’s Major Nelson.  I looks like Major was probably do his Major Minute.  Not quiet sure but stay tuned and make sure you listen to his podcast this week.

I for one would love to see something like this down in Sydney/Australia.  Who else from Sydney agrees ?

And now something really cool.

Click on the link below to be taken on a virtual tour of inside the ODST truck .. Very Very Cool !!


Enjoy the tour.

Remember Halo ODST is out end of September.  If you havnt already done so … PRE ORDER YOUR COPY NOW at all Gamestop / Ebgames Retailers !!

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