Gran Turisomo 5 – Release Date – 4th Quarter 2009

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This announcement was at this years Games Com 2009 

GRAN TURISMO 5Due out for 4th Quarter of 2009

The ultimate racing game comes back

Fancy sports cars, perfect designed racing tracks, great gameplay, elaborate graphics and high speed – that only can be Gran Tourismo…

Gamers have the choice between over 1000 dream cars. They conquer the racing flag in fast races on impressively realistic race tracks while unlocking PlayStation network trophies along the way.

The NASCAR- and WRC-championships which are the two new additions in this motorsports game, enhance the Gran Tourismo experience. The gamers are encouraged to fight their way into the ranking against race drivers from all over the world.

This is one giant leap forward for the fans of Gran Turismo.  Finally some sort of date has been set.  Lets only hope Sony will stick to it so all the eager fans of this legendary racing game will have something to play this holiday season.


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  1. Yeah we’ll all see if this game makes it out. They still haven’t given it a real actual day yet. I would rather go eat a Bacon and Cheese Zinger!

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