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Own a Xbox 360 ? Then you must also have a Gamertag. It’s what separates you from the rest of of the Xbox Live community. You work hard to build your gamerscore by unlocking achievements. But what happens then. Only your friends can see your accomplishments. What about the rest of the world ??

Well why not join up to My is an official Microsoft Community Developer that provides a service which allows you to convert your Xbox 360 GamerCard into an image or Flash movie (for your MySpace) that you can easily embed into forum signatures, websites, blogs and even your onto your very own desktop.

The process is very simple. Sign up. Enter your gamertag information in the Create Your Xbox 360 GamerCard page (Click on the Home Button) Then choose from a vast varierty of designs. Here are some samples below :

Default :

Crest :


There are just a few to take advantage of. Also what makes so useful is that it truly makes your GamerCard portable. Once you convert it and add it to your signature, website or blog, it will automatically update as your information does.

Another cool features is that every time your MGC GamerCard is viewed, your statistics will be updated on the GamerScore Leaderboard so you can see how you compare in the gaming community.

You also have great statistical information on every game both retail and Xbox Live Arcade, with your completion rates and Gamescore % you have played and unlocked achievements on. Your also able to see where you rank within your country and also against the world.

The most exciting thing about is that it is constantly developing new ways to make your Xbox 360 GamerCard easier and more fun to use.

Visit the official website and sign up now :

The service that is provided is fantastic and highly recommended if you own a Xbox 360 gamertag.

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