Combat Zomie Breath ? Take These !! – Umbrella Corporation Public Announcement


Ever woken up with Zombie breath ? do you feel like your always scaring the opposite sex away as soon as you open your mouth ? Does the family dog do the runner out of the house and hide under it as soon as you come anywhere near it ?

Well worry no more. Here at Umbrella Corporation our mission is to help you blend in .. even though you might look a little pale and your skin might be rotten and falling off. You’re dragging that left foot around .. and you’re constantly wanting brains for dinner.

We might not be able to solve all your problems. But we can help you keep that mouth of yours smelling as fresh as a daisy.

Introducing the Umbrella Outbreak Mints. Take one of these and your zombie breath worries will go away for the whole day. People will still run away screaming in fear, but at least you know that deep down your breath will always be smelling minty fresh.

Try some today and don’t delay.

This is an Unbrella Corporation public announcement

No Humans were eaten by Zombies with fresh minty breath in the making of this announcement ….. Yet

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