Xboxtweet – Tweet Your Xbox Achievements via Twitter

Achievements Xbox 360

Ever wanted to Twitter your Xbxo Achievements to all your friends and followers on Twitter as soon as you unlocked them. Previously there was no way to do it unless you were twittering live at the same time.

Now xboxtweet allows you to post your achivements unlocked on xbox to the world.

Setup is VERY easy and the xboxtweet team will get you up and running in no time so you can show off how good you are at unlocking those xbox achivements.

Now there are a few things that xboxtweet does need to get started and that is an OpenID. The best thing about that is there is not passwords needed with an OpenID account. And secondly you must give permission for xboxtweet to use your Twitter Account. Like other apps such as Flickr does with Facebook etc.

There is a FAQ and a Tour of what XboxTweet does at the official webstie below if you have any further questions :

You can also follow xboxtweet via Twitter at :

Jump on over set yourself up and start unlocking achievements and tell the world how great you are at playing Xbox Games !!

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