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This Wednesday we have two new major titles coming to Xbox Live Arcade.
No : 1 – Secret Of Monkey Island : A huge thank you goes out to Lucasarts for bringing back one of the most charismatic and enjoyable point and click adventure games ever made. A total graphical facelift has been done and from the screenshots below I have to say that Monkey Island is looking very very nice on the eyes. Who knows what Guybrush is gonna get up to with his new trendy looking threads. This is a must for all of you adventure addicts out there.
To make things even sweeter Monkey Island will be available for only 800ms points !! YES thats right fantastic price .. GRAB IT straight away and relive the all the fun and great story line and jokes once again .. Thank you LucasArts and Xbox for bringing the joy back to all us oldies 🙂
Check out The Secret Of Monkey Island Official Website :

No : 2Madballs in …. Babo Invasion : If your as old as I am you would remember the Madballs collection, there were soo many different styles and types of balls each with their own crazy looking faces. I had a few of them that I used to throw at people when I was mad !! Hence the name MADBALLS !! 😉
The game features up to 16 multiplayer online battles, single and co-op challenges and not to mention fast crazy action !! All this action for only 1200ms points !! BARGAIN !!
Thank goes out to Playbrains for bringing this great title to the Xbox 360
Check out the offical website and pics below :

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