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Shadow Complex made a big noise at this years E3 with Epic games’ Cliff Bleszinski coming out to talk about the game. Since then everyone I have spoken to is very keen to get their hands on it. Shadow Complex is a side scrolling BAD ASS Shooter by EPIC Games and CHAIR (The makers of Undertow)

The game will be released on Xbox Live Arcade on the 19th of August. It will feature a side scrolling style gameplay with fast paced action. Some sections of the game will have you controlling turrets which will switch the view to a 3rd person behind the character view which will change the gameplay style.

The in game cut scenes look fantastic for an XBLA title. Epic and Chair have done quite a remarkable job. I for one am looking forward to getting my hands on this game.

I dont know if you remember the old style side scrollers like Gryzor, The Contra Series, and Midnight Resistance. They were outstanding games, I for one played Contra and Gryzor till my thumbs bled on my Super Nintendo and Nintendo entertainment systems. And it looks like Shadow Complex is taking a step in that direction and hopefully leaping into the future and making its mark in the side scrolling shooter genre.

Check out the preview of Shadow Complex below


Check out Shadow Complex official website on

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