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About Xbox Lives Major Nelson (Larry Hryb)

Major Nelson is Microsoft’s very own “Xbox Live Director of Programming’ in the Xbox Live product group. Major Nelson is the face of Xbox and Xbox Live, he has his own Blog at where he keeps the Xbox gaming community up to date with all the latest and greatest news, updates and interviews via his weekly podcasts that he records with his friend “E” together both Major Nelson and E provide the Xbox community great insight on up and comming Xbox titles with fantastic interviews with game developers world wide.

Major Nelson also can also be found on Twitter :

I would highly recommend Major Nelson’s blog, podcast and Twitter service to anyone that is a fan of Mircosoft and Xbox 360 and wants to keep up to date with all that is happening in the world of Xbox. And let me tell you there is a lot thats happening.

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Major Nelson’s Blog :

Major Nelson’s Twitter :

Podcasts : Major Nelson’s Podcasts “Showgrams”

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