Forged Battalion Coming to Steam Early Access on January 16

Developed by former Command & Conquer developers

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Petroglyph, composed of former Command & Conquer veterans, announced their upcoming RTS Forged Battalion will hit Steam Early Access on January 16, 2018. The early access phase is scheduled to run for several months. The initial early access build will come with the first act of the campaign, several skirmish maps with support for several game modes, dedicated server, five vehicle archetypes for customization, and the tech tree mechanic.

Forged Battalion is an RTS built around an upgrading mechanic. As players purchase blueprints from resource points earned in battle. The blueprints can modify the archetype of units, allowing them to specialize for whatever situation or play style the player prefer. A player who focuses on guerrilla warfare will focus on giving their units stealth, fast mobility, and high initial damage, while a front line brawler may create an army around heavy armour and consistent DPS.

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