Get Your First Look at Giant Ogre Slaying Action in Extinction in New Trailer

First gameplay trailer puts the game's combat and movement mechanics on display

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Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games released the first gameplay footage of their upcoming ogre giant slaying action game Extinction today in a gameplay walkthrough narrated by Executive Producer Derek Neal. The video is comprised of pre-alpha footage and shows a world with a lower population than the final release. The movement system is on display in the walkthrough with hero Avil demonstrating a variety of high speed jumps, climbs, slides and swings with the whip. Of course, the star of Extinction’s gameplay featured in the video, doing battle with massive, multi-storey ogres known as Ravenii. Each ogre must have their armour removed and their limbs dismembered so the player can climb up to their head and safely kill the ogre. Players must be careful as limbs will slowly regenerate and one hit is enough to kill.

Based on the gameplay footage, Extinction looks like it will stack up to be an adrenaline packed game. The game looks like the the love child of Shadow of the Colossus and Devil May Cry. Extinction is set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in early 2018.

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